Sunday, 23 November 2014

BREAD ROLL (stuffed with potatoes and peas )

(suitable for vegans)

When I talk about bread rolls, my mind goes back to the experience I got in 80's when I made these bread rolls for the first time on a very large scale, for non-indians. This was when I was in Kenya, there was a big party in my husband's school, they asked me to prepare some vegetarian snack for the party. We both discussed in length on what should be made so that everybody can enjoy, as most of the people in that party were Africans. Our idea was to make something really nice, we wanted to impress people there with some nice Indian snack. Then we came to a conclusion that I will make bread rolls.

We ordered all the ingredients like bread, potatoes, peas etc in bulk because in the party around 100 people were expected. I made more than 100 bread rolls for that party, it took a very long time for me to prepare on such a large scale. At the end of the day we both, me and my husband, got a lot of appreciation from people at the party. They complimented us saying that they really enjoyed the snack, because they had not tasted a vegetarian snack so yummy.

This is a very crispy and tasty snack for either weekend breakfast, evening tea or can be served in parties or functions. Not only do they taste good, but they look good too. Bread roll making is a bit tricky, practice is needed to handle the soft bread and its filling. This recipe dose not require very fresh or soft bread, because soft bread is difficult to handle, 2-3 days old bread will do better.



-500 grams potatoes
-100 grams onion
-100 grams green peas fresh or frozen
- salt to taste
-one tsp red chilli powder
-two tsp coriander powder
-two tsp cumin powder
-one bunch of green coriander
-two tablespoon oil for roasting onion
-oil for frying
-one loaf of sliced brown bread
-4-5 green chillies (Optional)
-1-2 cups of water


For Filling:
  1. Wash and boil potatoes thoroughly in a pot or pressure cooker on a medium heat.
  2. Boil the peas or microwave it for around 5 minutes till tender and ready to use. Leave it to cool both potatoes and peas.
  3. When potatoes are cold grate them or chop them in very small pieces and mash them with fingers
  4. Finely chop onions, green chilli and green coriander.
  5. In a fry pan take 2 tablespoon of oil and heat on a medium flame, once hot saute the onions till golden brown, add all dry ingredients, mix well.
  6. Add mashed potatoes, green peas, green chilli and green coriander, mix well. Now filling is ready.
  7. Give the cylindrical shape of this filling bit smaller in size which will fit inside one slice of bread. you can make around 10 and put it in a plate.
For bread rolls
  1. Heat the oil on a medium flame in a wok.
  2. Take some water in a deep plate, soak one slice of bread for few seconds, quickly take it out and press between your palms and squeeze all the water out, put the filing in the middle and role the sides by giving the long cylindrical shape.
  3. Keep it in a clean plate, fill 3-4 like this, when the oil is ready fry them till golden brown, during frying turn carefully, they should not break. Repeat and finish all the bread rolls.
    These rolls can be served hot with any sauce or chutney of taste with tea or coffee. It tastes better if you serve them hot. Around 15-16 pieces can be made, suitable for 6-8 people as evening snack.
Note :- When making the roll, bread slice should not absorb a lot of water, if you are finding it difficult to soak the bread, Keep one slice of bread on your left hand palm and can sprinkle some water on it and squeeze the water by pressing with both hands then put the filling and give shape, keep it in plate and then fry them. Remember the drier the bread slice is, the crisper the bread boll will be.

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  1. What a delicious idea! The filling sounds delicious and your Bread Rolls look wonderful. It really must have taken a long time to make 100 of them, that is for sure. Thank you for sharing them with us at the Hearth and Soul hop.

  2. Thanks for reading the post and visiting my blog.

  3. Wow – that's definitely an idea I haven't come across before! Sounds delicious – thanks for linking to #CookBlogShare

    1. Yes, it is very tasty, you can try. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. These sound delicious,I love that combination of spices.

    Thanks for linking up to #FoodYearLinkup x

  5. What a super idea for stale bread! Thank you for linking up with the No Waste Food Challenge!

  6. Fabulous, I need to share this idea with my sister in laws who always struggle to find more interesting ways to feed their little one. The kids would love these, so will the big kids.

    1. Thanks Shaheen for visiting my blog and for the comment.

  7. Wow you are an incredible woman for making so many of these at once - they look marvellous though! Thanks again for joining in with #FoodieFriday x

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